For my project I wanted to use old fashioned film camera, my main reason being I wanted them to be gritty, and have that 70’s feel where technology like our cameras today weren’t around. Point an shoot disposable cameras what were used. Therefore I went out and bought my own 35mm Pentax Camera from Ebay, of a reliable seller with good reviews this cost me 20 pounds and came with one roll of film. I knew from previously buying my friend it that poundland sold film 2ith 24 images for 1 pend, so I went out and also bought 10 rolls costing me 10 pounds.

I also bought more film for my Polaroid Camera, as I love the effect that is given off from them, I also like the film sheet which it is printed onto, Since I already had the camera I thought it would be useful to use, Therefore I bought 2 sets of 10 film, costing me 15 pounds.

To print of my film, I could print it off myself, which I plan to do with future film, but as i couldn’t get into college to do it over Easter and needed it as quick as possible, I went to boots where it costs , 6 pound 50p for 24 images. So far I have spent a total of 19 pounds 50p getting images printed off.



After designing some ideas and drawings for my logo I felt as though I was starting to move away from my initial idea and aim. I am happy with the idea of the wave with the woman skating the wave. But I feel as though the way I am drawing and the style which I am using doesn’t fit my theme of a 70’s nostalgic brand. My drawings are simple, with no style and are abit boring to look at.

I am going to stay with the design of the logo but allow myself to say tis okay to look at my artists for inspiration which should hopefully make me retreat back to a 70’s style. My ideal logo in my head which I can picture is a chunky flowing wave with a woman surfing it. The word Glide written at the top of the wave experimenting with the font of Zelek, and then at the bottom of the wave “established in Santa Monica” my chosen location in which the brand will have taken inspiration from the history.

As I am not used to drawing in a different style, I think it is best for me to do a rough idea of the idea I want, and then move onto illustrator, where I feel will make me more confident in my brand in terms of it coming together.

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