My project is all about creating a new brand. When creating a brand you need to think about how your going to sell this brand, and with my brand I can see it selling in a physical form like a shop. I am familiar with skate shops, as I have previously bought various boards from shops and skate clothing.

Therefore this is howI I wanted to present my final piece within the exhibition, as if I was setting my brand up in the real world. I went round a few skate shops to see how they presented their boards. As seen on the images below, in ever skate shop this is the typical presentation of the boards. Easy to see and easy to compare. A clear vision of all the boards, in order for the buyer to select the his preferred board.







I care a lot about the visuals, and to me this appear aesthetically pleasing, all lined up neatly in some sort of order.


However after speaking to my tutor, I was made aware that I have more than just a wall to work with. I began to think about how I could make my exhibition stand out and involve some sort of 3D structure. I began to picture ramps coming out of the way and hanging the boards with fish wire, with the art work faced towards to viewers. However when I began to think about he visuals of this, I thought it would have looked messy and not in proportion  to what the ramps at a skatepark look like, as they are massive, and wouldn’t fit within the exhibition. My boards also come without wheels, So it wouldn’t represent the the idea of people riding the skateboards on ramps realistically, thereof is stuck to my original idea of the shop layout.


The exhibition space.


My exhibition space:

It took a long while to consider how to present the boards. The wall in the exhibition isnt strong enough to hold the boards on with brackets, like in the shop, and it also meant drilling into my boards small hole, I didn’t want this as it would ruin my designs. Therefore i thought on holding the boards on a plank of wood. IMG_2793

The wood looks like this, with a small indent for the boards t sit in without having to touch or drill into the boards. Ollie made the shelf for me as he was more DIY trained than me, and had the correct tools to do it. the shelf was around just short of 1 and a half metres long, and left around a 5cm gap between each board. This board then drilled into he wall as seen on the image.

I then had to decide in which order I wanted to boards to sit.

I tried these various layouts:


I adjusted the boards to see if they looked better in: colour order: wonky, similar image and style. And I decided on the final output, the last image. I chose to present the boards in that order as I like how each board on the outside has the Glide text logo, Then I had to have my strongest board in the middle. I decided to stand them straight for a more organised and tidy look.

I also keep the board a wooden finish as it carries on that rustic and homemade vibe, which my brand follows throughout.



I came across a problem during the easter holidays. I took my photos to be developed at boots on the 9th of April, they take one week to be processed, I went the following week to pick them up, and the store gave me the excuse of they ‘forgot’ to send them off. Therefore it meant I had to wait yet another week fir my film. I felt like I couldn’t do anything without the film, as my plan was to work over the top of them, drawing and collaging. However within my shoot I did take some digital photos incase I did come across any problems with the film.

So today I have been working on making the base of my decks and the backgrounds. I have been fiddling around and so far have come up with these current designs ( IN PROGRESS)




After looking into what California was really like and the style of the people within the time. Some examples of the time, and images captured in California within he 70’s6fad5105078a1a30ae19bd499c27a8428f4a727a844af6387bccfd0a9e389cf85741464975_7a5d6dd8dd_b031560910485830e823328b618de8a5aimagesmurphy_cal_3

From looking into these images, it appears from the time and the photo quality they are all took on 35mm film cameras. I like his effect as it ages the images, and really shows off the funky colours within the frame.

Therefore on Thursday the 6th I set up a quick photoshoot before easter. Ideally I would have liked too used a similar setting, by the coast, out door on with good weather, but because I needed something to work on within the easter I set up a shoot in the studio, using a pink coloured background and styled my models who were Ellie and Zaahra.

I used a 35mm camera to capture the images. and used a simple 3 light set up, along with a fan to make their hair look as if it was ‘blowing in the wind’ which the hair goes like when riding a skateboard. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



After designing some ideas and drawings for my logo I felt as though I was starting to move away from my initial idea and aim. I am happy with the idea of the wave with the woman skating the wave. But I feel as though the way I am drawing and the style which I am using doesn’t fit my theme of a 70’s nostalgic brand. My drawings are simple, with no style and are abit boring to look at.

I am going to stay with the design of the logo but allow myself to say tis okay to look at my artists for inspiration which should hopefully make me retreat back to a 70’s style. My ideal logo in my head which I can picture is a chunky flowing wave with a woman surfing it. The word Glide written at the top of the wave experimenting with the font of Zelek, and then at the bottom of the wave “established in Santa Monica” my chosen location in which the brand will have taken inspiration from the history.

As I am not used to drawing in a different style, I think it is best for me to do a rough idea of the idea I want, and then move onto illustrator, where I feel will make me more confident in my brand in terms of it coming together.

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