Glide established in Santa Monica, is a brand I created inspired by the 70’s birth of skateboarding. made strictly for girls only. My theme continuously stated the era of the brand and the sex. I worked towards my own proposal by always having my aim in the back of my mind which was what would I like? I am a skateboarder myself and have been drawing of a brand made for girls. So it began quite easy to stick by my proposal as I saw it as more of a dream coming true. In order to inform my practise I gathered my own research through the butterfly effect, I started with watching a documentary named Dog Town and Z-Boys, which was an early influence to my brand, which then lead me onto looking into other brands, then to artists, then my own knowledge interpreted into the brand. I felt although my artist research helped me a lot along the way of my project as I often found my self coming to a dead end with my creative designs, artists such as David Carson who have such a range in graphic design, allowed me to focus on different elements of his work, allowing a completely different thought from each of his pieces. I also found David Hockney a massive influence throughout my work as he helped me in a way which I learnt how to interpret a mood through a design. The constant reminder of what mood I wanted my audience to get from my brand helped me widen my creative thoughts. 

As I generally worked with designing on softwares and drawing on paper I found it hard to experiment with different materials. I used Lineal as a way to print my logo as appose to keeping it digital, and I also got the chance to print onto vinyl plastic, which is something I’ve never used before. In terms of materials I wish I gave myself the time to experiment with more printing methods. It would have been interesting to see the difference in quality if i had the chance to use screen printing. I felt although I spent more times on my designs and drawings, which then stopped me from correcting mistakes, such as the look book. If I gave myself more time I could have got it printed again correctly.

I enjoyed making my final piece as I got to become more than a graphic designer as I sanded down all my skateboards my self, and stuck down the vinyl. the birds were made out of wood. I used 5 boards which were generously given to me for free. I then decided to print my images onto Vinyl as the finishing look is important, It is also the material professionals print their designs onto. I am happy with my final piece as I believe they look professionally done, and met to my expectations, I could see them being hung in a skate shop. I like the finishing touch to them. The chance to print onto good quality vinyl has made the whole piece come together. 

I have chosen to hang my final piece as seen in a shop. By creating a wooden shelf which all boards then sit on, and don’t move as there is a slight groove in order for them to sit. I believe this looks successful as It looks professional and is identical to what it would look like when in a shop, which is what I wanted to achieve as I am starting up my own brand. In my proposal I stated I wanted this brand to be as good as any other brand out there but better as it suits my needs, rather than having to put up with the unisex excuse for a girl. the professionalism out into making my boards look buyable certainly is something I wanted to exceed in my proposal.


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