After receiving my feedback the final decision to name my brand was Glide. I felt like it gives off the nostalgic vibe, is relatable when conquering the actions of the original sport being surfing and the current sport of skateboarding. When you think about the world glide and associate it to my brand, I instantly picture girls going down the coast o their skateboards , the weather is sunny, its a positive vibe and they are involved in my brand.

I looked up the exact meaning of the word Glide and I like this explanation : to move easily without stopping and without effort or noise.

This explanation portrays not only my brand name but a positive outcome from the brand, something which should move forward, in a way which hopefully encourages more brands to specialise in girls skateboarding, but not only this sport, to encourage all other stereotypically male sports to categorise for girls too, and not just make it unisex.

Following on from my logo I then had to decide what font and style I wanted my name to stand out by.

I drew up some designs from the research on the fonts and styles I had done from the 70’s and came up with the following:

IMG_2745.jpgIMG_2746Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 23.59.18.png


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