For a general idea of the logos created within the time zone of my brand inspiration. I type in on Pinterest 70’s surfing logos, hoping this would direct me towards the general theme.

I came to a standstill as I began to become creative with my designs. I looked at the modern day skateboarding logos and they all appear very basic, so did not help me with my creativity. So therefore I needed to understand the general theme to allow mt head to get to grips with the designs of the time.

After looking into these I began to come up with an initial idea, following on from the theme of the the images above.

I began designing:


My annotations read:

My reasoning for including a wave into my design is to show and present the originality of skateboarding, how it came from surfing, it also represents the early days of the culture of the time, which is what my brand is about. I like the idea d the top two designs of the waves page, as I want it to be kept simples it will work well as a logo, to allow it to be recognisable, and allowing added imagery too the logo without it becoming to crowded. Therefore I am choosing the wave as the main image within the logo to represent the original culture. I want the logo to have a effortless finish, with a home made touch.

When looking into designing waves into my logo, I looked up the famous painting – Wave off Kanagawa.

I thought of this famous image, as it is recognisable and known around the world, and did I want to interpret into my logo. Tsunami_by_hokusai_19th_century.jpg

After looking more into the painting, it appeared to represent a tsunami, which isn’t the vibe I want to give off. I also think when creating your own brand you shouldn’t copy others, it has to come from your own originality for the idea of your brand. The wave also did not connect with my brand aim, therefore I chose not to interpret it into my logo.


When again looking into the surfing logos, they often include a figure, again often a man. As it is stereotypically seen as a male sport.

I wanted to use this as inspiration, but put a twist on it to suit my brand. I wanted to use a girl skateboarding the wave. involving the skateboard takes it away from the surfing side, hopefully people will connect this to the culture, and the female representing the gender aim of the brand.


My annotations reading:

1st logo experiment using the girl hair as an undercut of a wave i thought of the idea as when thinking about how I could use the the girls features, so I moved not the hair described to myself as wavy and crazy, when thinking of this I seemed to be describing a wave. Therefore I thought it would be interesting too make the hair apart of the wave as a undercut. However compared to the body size and putting such a big proportion of hair compared to the body may look bit odd.  I could move the body more up the wave so the hair isn’t so long and chunky.

More designs.

To create the body which would stand in my logo. I got Zara ( another pupil) to stand in the position of someone who would be actively skateboarding. I then drew from a far the general body shape of which she made.

I came up with this figure:


This then became the outline to which I drew around and adjusted to suit my logo, as can be seen from my drawings.









After doing my designs and creating a name I reevaluated my logos an when looking at them it east screaming  my ideas. They looked boring and not appealing.

I felt although I wasn’t using my research as a creative path, I was trying to avoid copying others. However I came to a realisation that in order to get somewhere I needed a starting point. I then looked more into the designs of Verner Patron, as his nostalgic simplistic shapes gave such a vibe off them from doing so little. I then came up with the following designs:


It helped as I started to interpret colour into the logo: using water colour the darken the pink and blue shades.

Firstly I got the inspiration of using the colours blue and pink together from an artist called David Hockney.

On the 1st Of march I went to visit his exhibition in the Tate museum – London.

I felt as though it would give me more inspiration to visit the exhibition in person, rather than looking up his work online, that way you get more of a feel for the art, and surround yourself with the atmosphere of his intentions.

I took the following pictures of my favourites pieces of his:


My favourite imparticular being the bottom left. I want to be able to give off the feel of nostalgia that is what I want my brand to be acocoiated with, and I began to find it hard to do so. The way the he choses to show movement within the picture through the use of the water splashing is a way to represent freedom. The vibrate colours signal happines, I also look towards the weather in the painting, a clear blue sky, surrounded by palm trees, suggesting no me no tension in the air. An expensive home surrounded by nothing but calm happy vibes.

When researching into the painting, I realised it was giving off other connotations which i hadn’t thought about, including the position of the sun, and how that can represent happiness. : Hockneys story for the painting lies as: David Hockney’s A Bigger Splash is an invitation to dreamy thoughts of hot Californian days, with sticky air and the coolness of a plunge in the pool. It is understandable that it inspired both Jack Hazan in the 1970s with his documentary biopic of the artist, and more recently Luca Guadagnino who directed A Bigger Splash. Although the latter doesn’t have much to do with Hockney’s painting, it is very much filled with people sensually diving into swimming pools, glintering in full-beam sunlight. And this is exactly what Hockney depicts: a perfect Californian moment.

This image is something which is highly relatable to my project, as its the exact message I want to represent, being a typical skateboarder along the coast of Santa Monica. From looking and experiencing Hockneys art gave me a boost in creativity for my logo.

After deciding the name and the font, ( which I will talk about in another post ) my final logo appears like this, as printed by lineal.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 18.55.45



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