My board designs, designed on adobe photoshop.

All images are my own and have been scanned in as they were film photographs

With my initial board designs I wanted to keep it strictly based on the photography which I had produced from the 35mm camera, as I felt the pictures as a whole were a piece of art, through the quality of them, vintage edge, and often light leeks. However I did want to experiment using graphics and typography into the designs, too see if I would like them with abut more going on. I adjusted a few pictures overlaying them and repeating them throughout some of the designs. I also took inspiration from David Carson when it came to adding text onto some of the images. In a number of his surfing posters he wouldn’t follow a strict layout but random place related senates/words around the imagery, followed by other drawn on imagery.

I didn’t have the time to do this. as I would have liked to have tried to draw onto of the images. But due a mess up with my film being produced, I got my pictures late and didn’t have time to print of and scan in continous designs. Therefore I stuck to using my brand name and logo as repeated imagery. But I did also include the name and logo on some of the designs that is what tends to be included on general boards, to state the brand.




I came to a decision of these final designs through what I thought represented my brand perfectly.

Board 1:100%

has been taken from this image:


I then cut around the 100% sign repeating it in different colours on the design. I like this image as it was taken on the pier fair ground. Which is a significant location in the documentary dog town and z-boys. The 100% stood out to me not jus through the vibrant colours, but the meaning behind heather stood next to the sign as 100% no cares. As corny as it sounds, I asked heather to go over to the sign and pose asif she hasn’t a care in the world. The movement of my models, and the way they pose through the pictures, ha to represent to my audience that nostalgic feel, to be able to be free.

Board 2: Polaroids

With my polaroid camera is took the following images:


As soon as the scan came through I just loved the look of the washed out colour, the instant age given to the film. And this is something I then knew I had to represent through one of the boards. By using these as a basic background, is a dynamic way to represent the time and era of my brand. I entirely think when using a polaroid camera you are always wanting to show the best times. As my Nana said when she used hers you would only capture the best moments as the film was so expensive, therefore that is what I wanted to show my brand is about, experiencing the best moments. I added the Glide name in logo above to add some layer to my board, adding a twist and representing the name as is stands on the images.

Board 3: Pink

Coming from the original image off:


I love this photo as a whole, the bleached out light, and the way everything is so perfectly laid out on the image. However I wanted to interpret the models more into this board. By focussing and cutting out the image, just too the two models, reminds people who may not be familiar with the brand that it is aimed at girls. I wanted to keep this running throughout the brand a reminder of the aimed sex. This is important to me as I am currently the first female only skating brand. I added the pink overlay to give of a more feline hint, and added the symbols to again layer up the board in a more graphic way, inspired by David Carson.

Board 4: Ellie

The picture seen is the original image:

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 00.36.02

This image was taken within the photoshoot in college, which was set up with the pink camera. As soon as I saw this photograph I knew it had to become a main image to represent my brand. This is not edited at all and the light leek wasn’t done on purpose. Just the whole images says so much. From the model used – Ellie, who represents to me the ideal California skater back in the 70’s with the vintage cap, long flowing hair in the wind, vintage tee, and travelling around with her favourite toy. The light leek instantly bring the image alive, dividing the image into the two colours of my brand pink and blue, with that burnt film effect at the bottom, again adding the age the image. I didn’t want to layer up this with anything else as I feel like the colours used do that for me. I added the logo at the bottom as a reminder to my audience that this nostalgic and beautiful image belongs to that brand.

Board 5: shoes

Orignal Image:

screen-shot-2017-06-05-at-00-41-39.pngAgain I have chosen to focus on just the photography on this final board, as when watching dog town and z-boys they often played a montage of the photography at the time, with music playing over the top, which when I watched didn’t need any explanation the images provided that sense of culture for me. Therefore I decided I wanted to influence bits of the California style into my brand. From a general knowledge of the brand Converse It was popular throughout this time, known as a sneaker, a very stylish and easy shoe. Everyone on the documentary had a pair. I myself have a pair and would describe them as a vintage shoe relating back to a time where skaters would wear them till they disintegrated. I like the strong colours used in this image, with he bold pink representing the feminism of the brand, to the bold white of the shoe.


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