As I knew I wanted to interpret photography mainly into my brand with a certain style, I had to choose wisely which cameras would be the best for this.

I knew I didn’t want to do it digitally, as from the era ( 70’s) I choose inspiration from wasn’t as developed as our digital camera these days so it wouldn’t give off the same vibe I wanted. Therefore I did some of my own research, by asking my parents and grandparents what type of cameras were used within the 70’s. I was told that a lot of polaroids were used, and became very popular at the time, but a cheaper alternate was using a 35mm camera, as the film was a lot cheaper to buy.

I already had a polaroid camera, but the updated fuji film camera, not the original, shake the film polaroids,but gives off the same effect, and is a lot cheaper as it is not classed as vintage.

I had always wanted a 35mm camera so it came in handy that I had to get one for this project. So I found a cheap pentax one, shown on the picture below, came with a flash, and full working. Only 25 pounds. Film costing 1 pound each, so not an expensive buy.

I also spoke to one of my tutors, and she advised using the red Holga camera, as the quality isn’t great and leaves a nice bleed around the image, But gives off a lovely vintage feel. However I never got round to using this camera as i couldn’t find the correct film for it, as it had go have the correct light for it to work, and the film we had was for a low lit area.



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