A thought which may or may not work…

As I began to figure out what is going to make my boards connect, I may try to use my pictures in a collage way. An artist I have come across named Nancy Spero. She does a lot of different styles involving collage, such as changing the faces of portraits and messing around with images to rearrange them. However I am particularly fond of her contemporary style, using minimal imagery but collaging around the images to make a different story. This isn’t something I will be doing as I want a straight forward outlook on my brand and no mixed messages to. But to use elements of her collaging would be cool.

for example:
Invocation, 1995WithThe Underworld, 1997 this piece I like the the repetition of the image. It almost directs the story with how the images are laid across the page. However although the images are repeated it doesn’t become a boring piece of work, the way in which colour has been put in to add life to the image. I like about both images how each section has a different element to it. This is something I can experiment with my work. It may not work, but it is different to just my idea of drawing on top of an image



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