Grant Brittian is a photographer I came across when looking at how skateboarding has been photographed throughout California and Santa Monica. Too set the scene of my brand I needed some inspiration from the style of the area. Grant Brittain photographs his friends for pleasure, to serious tuff for skate mags.

What I particularly like about some of his images is the colour. They are high contrast with a high exposure. He uses a mixture of cameras from polaroids to digital to film, which is something I had in mind. Although he is professional and is able to capture professional skaters mid air doing tricks, I am able to follow on from his style, from the area and colour scheme.

A few examples of his work.

The energy off his images is something I want to project into my project, a feeling of nostalgia and happiness. From personal experience looking back into my parents old photos I get to understand their happiness through a photo, through the colours and style of their era. Therefore I feel photography would play an important part into my brand to give off the vibe I intend.


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