As it was the easter holidays I had time to eventually do an ideal shoot in an ideal location, which linked with my project theme. I chose the location of Southport as it was close to me, and also had similarities too Santa Monica with the pier and a rundown amusements arena. The weather was cloudy but sunny, which was okay weather too shoot, it would have been nice if the weather was hot. I asked my models to bring clothes with the them which they thought were cool retro and a little bit 70’s skater. I couldn’t afford to go and buy outfits so what they had was something I had to go with, but it was fine anyway.

I planned this a week in advance as my friends are at uni, so I needed them to be home and free, we also went of what the weather was going to be like, as it was important for it to be atlas dry to get anything similar to an LA setting. We drove there and back.

I took along with me my own 35mm camera, which was a pentax point and shoot, a Helga 120n 60mm, and my own Polaroid Camera – fuji film. I also took a couple of photos on my phone, as it can’t be promised that all the film would come out perfect. I chose to use a mix of cameras to allow me to work onto of different qualities of image.

The day turned out successful, by using different locations within southport, including, the pier, on the beach and around the amusement arena. I have sent off the film to be developed which could take up to 7 days. I will begin to however work on my digital images, messing around with effects and editing the exposures which should give off a film camera kind of edge to it.

Here are some examples of the digital photos which were took today

Models: Heather Sides, Olivia Brunsden



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