For my project I wanted to use old fashioned film camera, my main reason being I wanted them to be gritty, and have that 70’s feel where technology like our cameras today weren’t around. Point an shoot disposable cameras what were used. Therefore I went out and bought my own 35mm Pentax Camera from Ebay, of a reliable seller with good reviews this cost me 20 pounds and came with one roll of film. I knew from previously buying my friend it that poundland sold film 2ith 24 images for 1 pend, so I went out and also bought 10 rolls costing me 10 pounds.

I also bought more film for my Polaroid Camera, as I love the effect that is given off from them, I also like the film sheet which it is printed onto, Since I already had the camera I thought it would be useful to use, Therefore I bought 2 sets of 10 film, costing me 15 pounds.

To print of my film, I could print it off myself, which I plan to do with future film, but as i couldn’t get into college to do it over Easter and needed it as quick as possible, I went to boots where it costs , 6 pound 50p for 24 images. So far I have spent a total of 19 pounds 50p getting images printed off.


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