After looking into what California was really like and the style of the people within the time. Some examples of the time, and images captured in California within he 70’s6fad5105078a1a30ae19bd499c27a8428f4a727a844af6387bccfd0a9e389cf85741464975_7a5d6dd8dd_b031560910485830e823328b618de8a5aimagesmurphy_cal_3

From looking into these images, it appears from the time and the photo quality they are all took on 35mm film cameras. I like his effect as it ages the images, and really shows off the funky colours within the frame.

Therefore on Thursday the 6th I set up a quick photoshoot before easter. Ideally I would have liked too used a similar setting, by the coast, out door on with good weather, but because I needed something to work on within the easter I set up a shoot in the studio, using a pink coloured background and styled my models who were Ellie and Zaahra.

I used a 35mm camera to capture the images. and used a simple 3 light set up, along with a fan to make their hair look as if it was ‘blowing in the wind’ which the hair goes like when riding a skateboard. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



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