I came across David Carson, a perfect artist to focus on for my skateboard designs. To me he appears as a vintage artist, with a retro style. He is perfect to take inspiration from as he is a person who grew up around the surfboarding culture, from Southern Californiabest known in the surf world for jarring but new and interesting 1991 redesign of Surfer magazine, and other surfing posters and designs. I have always been fond of Carson’s layering and collage designs, so when I saw his surf designs it made me eager to want to use his style within my project. I didn’t want to copy the ideal retro designs of bright bubbly writing and clipart versions of the 70’s, Iw anted to present my brand in a  different style.

The idea of layering up images and drawings is something I want to focus on which is something demonstrated by Carson. An example of Some of David Carson work:

These two pieces of work really stood out to me as something which inspires me drawing wise. I personally like drawings which don’t follow the usual structure, and are quite linear, with not a realistic style. This is something Carson has achieved through these posters. I like the use of the collaging, which looks like stamps, along with paint and the use of the san serif type. These posters also achieve what I want colour wise, with the bright colours, which sets the age of the posters, which was around the 80’s.

Heres are some of David Carson’s Surf posters. Again it is clear that he has used collage to create the images. But what I paticullarly like is the use of real images, especially on the poster with the car. I love how it has been used in this sense, as it really gives off the sense of that retro style California nostalgic edge, which is something I want to also present. Again using bright colours to represent the retro feel.


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