1960 – “The Sixties”, as they are known in the popular culture, in some cases a nostalgic 10 years, describe the and revolution of the subculture in social norms about clothing, music, drugs, dress, sexuality, formalities, and schooling; and in others disparaging to denounce the decade as one of irresponsible excess, flamboyance, and decay of social order. The decade was also labeled the Swinging Sixties because of the fall or relaxation of social taboos especially relating to racism and sexism that occurred during this time Moving onto 1970s as a “pivot of change” in world history focusing especially on the economic upheavals. Especially in the  Western world where social progressive values began in the 1960s, such as increasing political awareness and economic liberty of women, continued to grow. In the United Kingdom, the 1979 elections resulted in the victory of its Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher, the first female British Prime Minister

These two decades to me are important to know about, especially with the mass change in society.  Which I believe has an impact to my brand. As I look into the history of these two decades I can see the impact they have on my sport. Although we see California as this chilled Nostalgic place, it was impacted by the changes around the world. From viewing the documentary Dog Town and Z-boys, I can see from this the people of Santa Monica aimed to ignore the errors of the world and focus on their lives and making the most of it. However their attitudes reflected and contracted the world, almost setting an example. As the world was focusing on this revolution of the subculture in social norms, The people of DogTown have been living like this ever since.

I want to focus however on the rights of women. As Margret Thatcher became the first woman priminiser, which allowed women across the world to go crazy, giving them the rights they have wanted and feel more relaxed. For my project I want to give off this impression that now in 2017 women made this revolution through skating.From doing my research there isn’t any women aimed skating brands, so through my brand I want to transfer the nostalgic revolution into my brand.Looking into the style of general graphics and styles within this time period, the world was going through a retro style, with bright colours, shapes and a wave vibe.

In graphic design toolong before the use of the word ‘retro’, referencing to earlier graphic(features/ qualities/ traits) was doneWilliam Morris can be seen as an examplefor i.a. book design he adopted medieval production and style-related models in 1891.What’s more, in the beginning of the twentieth centuryGothicand Rococo repeating ideas were used for new products. Typography classicism has always been an influence and through out the 20th centuryearly woodcut printing tooThe introduction of the way of doing things of photocomposition to typesetting in the 1960s allowed typographers greater flexibility in the selection and arrangement of type styles and sizesFor example, psychedelic typefaces were developed gaining inspiration from Art Nouveau and other cultures.  Historicist styles are also used is in the promotion and packaging of food and household productsreferring to childhood memories and domestic overview.

One retro artist I have looked at is Verner Panton who uses pattern to express the psychedelic phase.


When designing my logo I would like to interpret the retro style into it, to give the audience a sense of the tine period my brand is inspired at. I think the use of basic shape and the primary colours works well together as it gives off a different vibe. Together they represent a easy simple life which is represents freedom and happiness. As I tried different designs for my wave within my logo design, I was struggling with what effect I wanted, I didn’t want something modern which has clearly been designed on a design programme I want the home made experimental look, which has been designed free hand, This style defiantly gives this approach off, which has given me more ideas how I want my logo to be styled.


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