I realised that there are not any girl skating brands, they’re are brands which are aimed at men with a couple of women items but most brands claim they are unisex. Therefore I took it into my own hands to get in contact with these brands, and ask for they’re opinions. So far I have contacted the Brand Stussy, who have the same aim as me with he California 70’s style but a male aimed brand. I sent them the following messages, but am yet to hear a reply:

Hi, I am a student currently going onto my final major project within my foundation course. I have chosen to base my project on the Skate/Surf Culture and where it all began, which I will then turn into my own brand, however I am making a brand aimed at girl skaters. As you are a company who base your designs and products around the 70’s style of the skate surf culture, I was wondering if you would kindly answer some questions in order for me to use to help develop my brand. If you could take some time to answer the following questions, I would massively appreciate it: 1. Why do you have more products for men rather than women 2. Why do you think the sport of skateboarding has developed into more of a sport for men 3. Do you aim your products for men as more of a unisex range.

I also wanted to hear the opinion off some female skaters, and their opinion in this. So I sent the following message to some female skaters through instagram, a social media site for sharing images and videos, which is a massively used site and used everyday by these girls:

Hiya, I was wondering if you could help me, I am currently a student from Manchester/England, studying graphics, and my next project is going to be a brand aimed at girl skaters as I feel like there isn’t any brands out there for us skaters it’s all quite unisex. However I am wanting the opinion off some female skaters on some options with girls and skateboarding, so if you could take 5 minutes too answer a few questions I would appreciate it massively!!!


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