I am basing my new brand from the genre of the 70’s. I am going include typography, imagery and the colour pallet at the time. From doing my research into the time period within California I have found the style I want to incorporate into my brand.



I looked into surf brands at the time, which give off this badge type look. From these logos I can take the simplicity of it, and how they state what they’re about from the imagery and shapes used. They also seem to state their name of the sport within their brand, often using location in the name too. The colour pallet contains primary colours and are bright and bold.




Looking into the typography, it follows almost from my eye a wave curved flow. The typography is chunky flowing and curved. with a mixture of colour, with some adding a 3d effect, as if it is popping out of the imagery behind it.

I found a few fonts which i particularly like from the 70’s which were used on poster design and logo design.

The first Font being Zelek, designed in 1972 by Bronisław Zelek for Mecanorma.

mecanormaI like this font as I feel as though it adds character too wherever its used. I like how there a different aspects to the font, and all different styles set a different vibe. I like Zelek boldline too use within my brand as it looks simple, but can tel the era from the funky curved style and space within the font. It could be useful when adding colour to the text.

If I was to add something more complex I would like to experiment with Zelek shade line, but again with it being in a small logo I don’t want to over complicate it, so I could use the same font but the different styles on my skateboard decks and advertisement posters.



Similar to Zelek, but a little thinner. Optex style shouts to me the 70’s something why i picked out this font. I like how where ever you put this type you can shape it to your own style, through colour and image that goes with it. I am a particular fan to little detail, and I think by adding the linear effect to the outside of the text adds that extra bit of originality. If I was to use this font within my brand I think it would allow my brand to be recognised and remeberable. It not to complex, the only problem I would find using this font is how I would have to stick to one colour. If I was to add multiple colour to it, it would become to much and wouldn’t given off the effect id want it too. Looking into the 70’s style brand type a lot of brands tend to add a 3D effect. Again this couldn’t be done with this font as it would over complicate it.

Google ChromeSnap-005

Kabel Black 1974 campaign. Mills Godwin for Governor, John Dalton for Lieutenant governor, and Patton Echols for Attorney General.

I picked this particular campaign as it shows off the simplicity of the type. With three primary colours it gives off a statement within the simplicity of it, that this is who they are and they want a straight forward approach. Looking at the surfing brands I feel as though this is the type of message they give off. With simple text which states their brand, the surfing brands do add imagery to support this.I believe that if I wanted a simple approach to my brand this would be the font to use. Its bold, but adds that curved 70;s style.

My ideal approach would of type would be something which can give off a 70’s vibe, so I would like the curved and chunky type. But want to incorporate a range of colour into my brand so need to stick to a simple but styled font. I may try designs which add different elements of my chosen three favourite fonts.



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