After trying to find Brand inspiration I found that their are a lot of quirky artists out there who are keen to create logos, I found some interesting artists which I would like to take inspiration from and some skateboardings brands which have an interesting story behind the and what inspires their brands.

Geoff McFetridge

Solitary Arts 

Its not the brand which I am keen on, its his personal work.  I like the colours he uses as it has that feel of vintage too it which I want to achieve through my own deck designs and logo creations. I also like the simplicity of his work, the shoft haps which are combined together to create these simply but effect repeated patterns.


I particularly like his hand drawn doodles. This is something I had in mind when creating my deck designs, I wanted to give off a hand made effect, which I believe can be achieved by pen on paper doodles. Another brand: Polar Skate Co, gives off this effect also, established in 2011 and based in Malmö Sweden. With different core skate values, clean and original design and art work, . Whether it’s the board graphics, clothing line, touring, video edits or even the soundtrack for the video, Pontus has a clear vision of what he wants Polar to be, and stand for. Successfully taking inspiration from 80’s and 90’s skating, photography, modern street skating, D.I.Y skate spot building or art and design.

Geoff McFetridge illustrator wallpaper.jpg

Polar Skateboard art: 2015




Was one of the early surf companies that successfully crossed over into skateboarding and brought some funky surf designs in with it. I like the logo of this design as it looks pretty sketchy and not too well designed, another hand made sort of edge to it. The fact this brand started off as a surf company ties in perfectly with my aim as Im going to interpret this into my brand also. With it being such an original early brand, developed in 1959, I think its key to involve some of their style into my own brand.



I like the design of this board as it involves the two sports skateboarding and surfing in the image. The colours are bold and vintage, with a simplistic hand drawn design. A style which id like to try. Chris Miller usually does quite vicious designs involving skulls and monster, so I like the contrast of his own work in this. Its subtle and really hits the era of the brand.



I like the graffiti type of art involved in Ron Camerons work. When looking into the documentary Dog Town and Z boys, they present a lot of graffiti through out the film, therefore I thought it would be nice to look into artists with this style, as it mainly represents the graffiti tagging art within skateboarding.

 Natas Kaupas 

I like this Brand as it represents the town in which I will be originating my brand from. I represents the era of the sport. This artist was a skateboarder and his photography from this sport is the type of photography id like to achieve when taking my own photos.

Craig Stecyk



This logo succeeds in its simplicity. The text, the shape, the era it represents—there’s more going on here than the sum of its parts. Designed way before computers became the standard approach to logos, even more proof that original fonts and basic shapes can create a timeless logo that is solid and original.


This one represents skateboarding. Period. Thrasher isn’t just a magazine anymore, it became a legitimate brand long ago and most of that is thanks to this logo and what it stands for.


Brought to you by the original Craig Stecyk, this was one of the first logos I fell in love with in the early days. Simple lines, great shape and you could spray paint it on a wall in under 40 seconds with a little bit of practice. This icon is brilliant and was one of those designed when skateboarding culture didn’t take itself too seriously.


Another icon that draws immediate respect from skateboarders of all ages. Not only a very important company but a logo that captured the best part of skateboarding as it went from backyard pools and headed into the streets. Classic, tough and timeless—just like skateboarding itself. This is just one version of many rad styles of this logo, all equally well done. Its important for me to include this into my work as its from  the documentary a main part of my inspiration and which I will be taking style from. The tagging logo stands out and is repeated around Southern California..



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