My initial inspiration came from the documentary, Dog Town and Z-Boys. I used this as it focusses on the birth of skateboarding, which is something that really interest me. In my previous projects i had concentrated on todays youth within the skate culture, and through my FMP I wanted to achieve the opposite.

The film focuses on the Zephyr Skate team, the first skate team originating form southern California. I chose this as a crucial piece of research as it gives me the full information in detail to how skateboard developed as a sport, how it became popular and what times were like during this time. It is also an opinion from people who lived during this time, who were apart of the team, which to me defines raw information and real information, rather than reading up on this subject and getting a 3rd person opinion.

Interestingly I found out that skateboarding developed from surfboarding, which is a quirky way in which I want to interpret into my own brand. From my brand i plan to give off a raid hand rendered effect, as within the begging o the sport it was all handmade boards made by Surf shop owners Jeff Ho.

This leads me onto my brand inspiration artist Shawn Stussy who had the same aim as myself, from growing up in California, he also expressed this through his own brand, now world wide: Stussy. However I don’t plan to copy him.


Logo+Stussy.pngIn 1980 Stüssy founded his eponymous brand Stüssy, which was originally surfer-style clothing, started with transferring surfboard graphics to T shirts and shorts.

Shawn Stussy who is the original and only designer of the brand is someone I’m going to use inspiration from when creating my work as it was one of the first brands in California and in the world to take on this original skateboarding culture, from surfboarding to skateboarding image.

This is an interview with Shawn Stussy which he tells how Stussy has developed as a brand. Since I am wanting to create my own brand I think it is important to see how he developed it and what audience he targeted.



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